• New Embedded Range Hood
  • New Embedded Range Hood

New Embedded Range Hood


Double wind pressure and powerful suction
 Combination of outer exaust and inner recycle
 Humanized design of slider control
 DC inverter motor
 900mm commom width

● Quiet, reduce noise level to 42dB with silent ball bearing.<br />
● Durable, advanced fully enclosed motor with new copper cooling system. Last forever. ● Eco, save up to 30% of energy consumption with highly efficient operation.<br />
● Strong instant suction with double static pressure. ● Double static pressure.<br />
● Enhanced negative pressure zone.<br />
● Hignly effective smoke gathering canopy design. ● APPRO technology from US<br />
● Industrial standard activated carbon oil filter<br />
● Three-layers filtration<br />
● Multilayers fold-up design <br />
● Clean up harmful VOCs of different molecular sizes<br />
● Powerful motor with double static pressure ● Improving efficiency with double static and enhanced negative pressure zone.<br />
● Air purifying module ● Oil separation rate up to 99.3% with industrial standard activated carbon oil filter

Size Parameter Reviews

Dimensions 895*510*550mm(W*D*H)
Maximum static pressure 800Pa
Airflow rating External exhaust:1500m³/h ; Internal exhaust:1300m³/h
Ratetd main motoe power input 200W
Noise 42dB(A) at the lowest gear
Power supply 220~240V~50Hz
Noise(Min) 42dB(A)

Size Parameter Reviews

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