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  • Electric Oven

Electric Oven


•4D multi-dimensional baking

•450℃ high temperature self-cleaning system

•Accurate temperature control by temperature probe

•5.0Cu.ft Family Banquet Large Volume

•Five baking modes

Professional oven

4D multi-dimensional baking tube, three-dimensional heating: the top, bottom and back of the oven are equipped with baking tubes, and the back is also equipped with fans to form a four-dimensional baking, which is more evenly heated than ordinary gas ovens.


450℃ high temperature self-cleaning system: the oven is automatically heated to 450℃, and the grease in the cavity is carbonized into ash at high temperature, which is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. When cleaning, it only needs to be lightly wiped with a rag to simplify the cleaning steps.



Accurate temperature control by temperature probe: set two temperatures, namely oven temperature and food center temperature, to assist in detecting the internal temperature of food. Once the set temperature is reached, the oven automatically stops working, so as to accurately grasp the true taste of food materials, ideally control the temperature.


5.0Cu.ft Family Banquet Large Volume: 5.0cu.ft Super large volume, equivalent to 142L, twice the volume of ordinary oven.


Five baking modes: Bake, Broil, Warm, Proof and Convection


Four layers of insulating glass: the hollow interlayer between four layers of tempered glass locks the temperature of the inner container, while the outer glass is anti-scalding, the heat is not lost, and it is safe and not hot.


Sabbath mode: specially designed for Jews in the United States


Child lock function: Press and hold the start button for three seconds to start the child lock function, preventing children from opening the door halfway and accidentally scalding, and also preventing misoperation.



End automatic alarm function: After baking, there is a beep reminder and cooking complete is displayed


Bilingual selection function: switching between French and English



Temperature selection function: switch between℃ and f

Size Parameter Reviews

CAPACITY(Cu.Feet) 5.0
COLOR/FINISHE Stainless steel
DIMENSION(Inch) 29.9*23.5*28.4

Size Parameter Reviews

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