• DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series

DEFENDI Burner Series


  • Original DEFENDI burner, 20000BTU powerful fire
  • Pure brass burner
  • Superopr stainless steel panel,European classical design
  • Automatic flameout protection
    • ROBAM Powerful Cooktop

      Annular Intensive Strong FirepowerVersatile in Eastern and Western Cooking

      ROBAM Defendi Premium Gashob Series G515


      Burner from Italy

      Upgraded burners for precise control


      Annular Intensive Strong Firepower

      Meeting various cooking methods to bring good taste


      Ring Flame Holder

      Stable combustion with no flashback

    • Swap the Burner from  Italy and defendi

      to make a difference

      Based on the original Defendi general burner technology, ROBAM technical development team continued their innovation and successfully launched the unique premium burner with two years of intensive collaboration.

      Refined pure copper burnerMachining processes from Italy makes extraordinary quality.


      Collaboration with Defendi

      Innovation and upgrade of refined pure copper burner



      Defendi is a world-class leading burner manufacturerin Italy with more than 60 years of precision designand casting history. With innovative burner  technology and superior productquality, Defendi burners have been applied by keyhousehold appliance brands worldwide.


    • Cooperation with Defendi on Research & Development

      Exclusive premium burner from Italy

      Create exquisite kitchen to feel the beauty of culinary artQuality Life  World Class Enjoyment



      Annular Intensive Strong Fire Versatile in Eastern and Western Cooking

      Compared with ordinary burner, 20000BTU has vigorous firepower and produces more intensive and powerful fire for easy adaption to varied cooking methods from Eastern style stir-fry to Western frying.

      In comparison with ordinary aluminum burner, copper burner boasts better thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, stronger corrosion resistance, and is resistant to higher temperature without deformation.

      The double-sided enamel fire cover, with an aesthetic shape, is durable, thermal resistant and invulnerable to rust.



      Ring Groove Flame Stabilization, Enjoy the Moment of Fragrance in the Kitchen

      With patented ring groove flame holder, G515, unaffected by the pressure of the intake pipe, offers a more stable flame combustion than ordinary cooktops.

      The internal and external biannular fire design fully mixes gas and air, and increases the contact area between the pot and the flame. Therefore, Heat is transfered efficiently and evenly.



      Five Partitions to Give a Fine Control as Your Will

      Five burners (namely violent, strong, medium, faint) offered correspond to 4-5 cooking function zones, and multiple zones can be fully used at the same time; different fire power can be controlled at will for meeting varied cooking methods.

    • Extreme Fire

      Big Burner: 20000BTU

      Extreme fire for stir-fry instant lock of freshness


      Strong  Fire

      Medium-sized Burner: 13000BTU

      Steaming delicacy with high fire


      Mild & Uniform Fire

      Small Burner: 9500BTU

      Stew on middle fire


      Faint  Steady Fire

      Tiny Burner: 5000BTU

      Small fire is lasting and delicate


    • Innovated & Upgraded

      The thermal load of Defendi general burner is generally higher than that of other ordinary burners. The surface of the fire cover has a small arc, and the fire stabilization groove is located on the surface of conventional copper base.


      Fire power upgraded

      The fire power is upgraded again with the thermal load up to 20000BTU, which is more fierce than ordinary Defendi cooktops.


      Stabilization firepower structure upgraded

      The stabilizing groove is relocated and upgraded to a ring slot in the middle from the original slot on the surface of the copper base, which is more stable than ordinary Defendi cooktops.


      Appearance upgraded

      The internal and external enamel fire cover, with a larger arc and a higher brand recognition, is oxidization-resistant and rust-proof, therefore being more durable.


    • Humanized Design to Enjoya Comfortable Kitchen


      Safeguarding the worry-free kitchen

      Automatically turn off the gas supply in case of flameout by accident

      Ignition pushbutton design to eliminate hidden hazards or children’smisoperation under their curiosity

      Built-in baffle prevents the temperature of electric control elementsand knobs from rising too high


      Easy Clean to Enable a ComfortableCooking

      Detachable burner provides ease in cleaning during overflow of thepots

      Integrated molding with 304 stainless steel panel, easy cleaning with no dead end

      Upper air inlet to prevent soup residuals from entry into the cavity


      Enjoy your time in the comfortable kitchen

      Non-slip zinc alloy knobs for smoother ignition control

      Non-slip cast iron support for moving pots freely

      Triple waterproof rings to give an intimate protection of inner cavity

      1mm fully enclosed galvanized plate chassis, resistant to corrosion and oxidation and dust-proof


    • Simple and Aesthetic Appearance

      In addition to stylish and simple appearance, the overall design is full of three-dimensional and metallic texture. A multi-region cooking space is offered to meet various Eastern culinary and Western cooking requirements for bringing you a variety of delicacies.




Size Parameter Reviews

Panel 304# stainless steel
Heating 20000,13000,9500*2,5000
lgnition Electronic pulse
Product Size(L*W) 35.45*20.87*2.76
Sately Automatic Flameout Protection Device
Hole size(L*W) 33.66*19.09

Size Parameter Reviews

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