• Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven
  • Combi Steam Oven

Combi Steam Oven


  • 13 professional combi steaming modes
  • 4+1 multiple heating tubes
  • No water condensation and dripping
  • Water shortage warning

Steaming and roasting<br />
satisfy different cooking tastes<br />
Built-in combi steam oven CQ760
Roasting<br />
Steaming<br />
Steam roasting ①Redefine roasting space<br />
48Lperfect capacity<br />
Meets all the cooking needs<br />
②Easily finish professional cooking<br />
13 cooking modes ③One-button brings chef level feast<br />
50 automatic cooking menus<br />
④Enjoy excellent taste<br />
4 + 1 multi-dimensional roasting tubes<br />
⑤Intelligent humanized design External electric water tank<br />
⑥Solve cleaning trouble<br />
Easy-clean heat resisting back plate 1)48L perfect capacity<br />
Meets all the cooking needs<br />
2)13 combi steam modes stimulate your cooking desire<br />
Both crispy and tender 3)3-level steam roasting modes, prevent food too dry or too rigid<br />
Roast with low steam Roast with medium steam Roast with high steam<br />
Crispy outside and tender inside Tender and delicious Tender and juicy 4)3 pure steam modes different temperatures for different ingredients<br />
High temperature steam Nutrition steaming<br />
Easily steam food with bones Delicious and tender with nutrition 8 pure roast modes discover more baking fun<br />
fast heating baking bottom heating fan roasting fried baking intense barbecue<br />
air roasting barbecue<br />
Roast as you wish 50 customized recipes<br />
Easy to learn new hand can succeed in one time<br />
The 50 automatic recipes have been tested repeatedly by the ROBAM laboratory. Just follow the menu, a new hand can also make delicious food. 5 auxiliary modes<br />
practical and convenient ①Fermentation<br />
95-115F°fermentation<br />
Easily make bread Sterilization<br />
High temperature steam sterilization<br />
Bottles and cutlery can be sterilized at one time Heat preservation<br />
No reheating required<br />
Enjoy hot meals in time Defrost<br />
Rapid defrost at constant temperature of 140F°<br />
Keep fresh taste Descaling<br />
Remind cleaning automatically<br />
One button descaling more convenient 762 (17) 762 (18)

Size Parameter Reviews

Rated voltage 220-240V~
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Power 3000W
Capacity 48L
Net Weight 32.5kg
W*H*D(mm) 760*455*550

Size Parameter Reviews

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